“24” and Its Bad-Ass Women

With 24: Legacy premiering on Fox after the Superbowl this Sunday, the clock has started ticking once again. Just as refresher, 24: Legacy is a spin-off of 24, the pulse-pounding drama starring Kiefer Sutherland as counter terrorism agent Jack Bauer. For nine seasons, or days as the show refers to them, we watched Jack foil terrorist plots all in the span of 24 hours, all without eating or going to the bathroom. What made 24 such a great show wasn’t only watching Jack kick ass, but the characters that emerged over the show’s run. 24 wasn’t just a guys show, the producers were smart enough to create multi-dimensional female characters to lure you in. In honor of the 24 spin-off, I thought I would shine a light on the most memorable women of the show.

1. Audrey Raines: How do I begin to explain Audrey Raines? We first met Audrey in the season four premiere as Jack’s lover/co-worker. She was kidnapped alongside her father, Secretary of Defense James Heller, and Jack went against CTU protocol (as usual) to save them. Their relationship slowly deteriorated over the course of season four, with the introduction of her ex-husband and ended officially when Jack had to fake his death to evade capture from the Chinese. They were reunited in season five and rekindled their relationship only to have it end AGAIN when Jack is captured by the Chinese. In season six, Audrey showed up nearly catatonic in the hands of the Chinese and Jack decided to let her go in order to protect her. I still cry if I think about it for too long…too late…*SOB* She pops up again in 24:Live Another Day married to a jackass, but her and Jack have the chance to reunite BEFORE THE CHINESE KILLED HER. (P.S. I’m still salty at China for this.) Jack and Audrey had the greatest love story in 24 history. Hands. Down.

Stop being so cute you two. JK, don’t stop.

2. Martha Logan: Martha. Freakin’ Logan. She was as crazy as she was entertaining. Her iconic line “I look like a wedding cake,” in her first scene cemented her as the best First Lady 24  has ever witnessed. Her husband, President Charles Logan, threatened to put her in the loony bin when it was revealed that he conspired to kill former President David Palmer (RIP.) Martha wasn’t having any of that, so she teamed up with Logan’s Chief of Staff Mike Novick, Jack, assorted CTU staff and Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce to successfully bring down her husband. A season later, she was shacking up with Aaron and ended up stabbing her ex-husband. We salute you, Martha!

Martha, right before she dived headfirst into a pool of water.

3. Michelle Dessler: Michelle was the baddest bitch at CTU. She started out in season 2 during the nuclear bomb threat and easily captured our hearts as well as Tony Almedia’s. She teamed up with Jack towards the end of season two to prove that the Cyprus audio was forged even when Tony and the rest of the Federal government were against her. By season three, Tony and Michelle were married and we saw their relationship play out at the height of the Cordilla virus outbreak. Michelle was kidnapped and Tony risked his job and freedom to rescue her because that’s what you do for love in 24. When she returned in season four, we hated her JUST FOR A MOMENT because she was with Bill Buchanan instead of Tony. Alas, Tony and Michelle got back together and decided to start a new life away from CTU. Sadly, Michelle was killed by a car bomb in season five, but we will always remember her for her curly hair and willingness to always do what’s right.

Michelle and Tony flirtin’ in season two.

4. Chloe O’Brien: I couldn’t have a list of the best women on 24 without mentioning Jack’s BFF Chloe. She gave 92% of the side-eye accounted for on the show, but you loved her because of her unwavering loyalty to Jack. Season after season, Chloe was the first (and usually only) person to stand beside Jack when CTU and even the president doubted him. Her sarcastic demeanor and genius computer skills is what made Chloe a mainstay on the show. Admit it, you shed a tear when Chloe and Jack said goodbye at the end of season 8, which at the time, was the series finale of the show. Even though Jack and Chloe’s relationship was never romantic, it was still one of my favorites.

Just Chloe being Chloe.

5. Nina Myers: Nina is my favorite villain on 24 and probably all of TV combined. When it was revealed that she was the mole inside CTU at the end of season one, I nearly crapped my pants. (TMI, I know, but it was really surprising, okay?) And I was just as shocked when she murdered Jack’s wife, Teri. Nina had alliances to nobody but herself, which made her all the more dangerous. During the first three seasons, Nina showed up at the perfect time, just to be a pain in Jack’s ass. Right when CTU thought they could trust her, she double-crossed them and you were left sitting on your couch shaking your head at their stupidity. She met her demise in season three when she overplayed her hand, claiming that she could help CTU stop the virus. Luckily, Jack was the one who got to kill her. A part of me still misses Nina though, and wished she would’ve rose from the dead to wreak havoc on Jack’s life in later seasons.

Nina asking Jack (not pictured) a dumb question in season three.

There are several more lovely ladies that I can choose from, but this blog post could go on forever. So, I give honorable mention to: Sherry Palmer, the conniving ex-wife of the best fake president ever, David Palmer, even your best intentions sucked. Karen Hayes, the former director of Homeland Security, who bitch-slapped her underling, Miles, for deleting a damaging recording of President Logan. And Kim Bauer, for being Jack’s super-annoying daughter who got herself entangled with a cougar and kidnapped like 10 million times. She was useful every once in a while and for that, I thank you.

giphy (3).gif
You knew stuff was about to go down whenever you saw the ticking clock.

Do you agree/disagree with my list? Any women I forgot that you want to add? Comment below.


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