Nine Most Memorable Moments from “The Hills”

Before the Kardashian’s took over the television, and let’s face it, the world, there was another reality show dominating the screen. That show was The Hills, starring Lauren Conrad and later, her arch nemesis, Kristin Cavallari. Now that the show is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary with an MTV special, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the most pivotal moments of the show. I’ll try not to get nostalgic tears on my keyboard as I compile my list, no promises though.

1. From Laguna Beach to The Hills
For those who faithfully watched episodes of Laguna Beach, you were already familiar with Lauren, who was the main focus of season one. Those who weren’t are introduced to her as she waves goodbye to her parents from her black Mercedes (side note: I still want that car) and headed to Los Angeles.


2. The Girl Who Didn’t Go To Paris
Most of season one consisted of Lauren interning at Teen Vogue, partying with her best friend and roommate Heidi Montag and rekindling her romance with her ex-boyfriend and fellow Laguna Beach alum, Jason Wahler. (Not a bad life, tbh.) At the end of the season, Lauren was given the chance to either go to Paris for her internship or spend the summer in Malibu with Jason. She chose love and was crowned the Girl Who Didn’t Go To Paris by the Queen of Fashion herself, Anna Wintour.


3. Heidi Moves Out
The second season was difficult on Heidi and Lauren’s friendship, mostly due to the latter’s new relationship with Spencer Pratt, (the birth of Speidi.) Eventually, the strain proved to be too much for Lauren and Heidi and in the season finale, Heidi moved out, signaling the beginning of the end of their friendship. *Tear*

4. “You Know What You Did!”
Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite moments of The Hills. By the season three premiere Lauren and Heidi had officially been declared enemies after rumors of a sex tape between Lauren and Jason started to swirl. The two ran into each other at former L.A. hot spot Le Deux and a semi-drunken Lauren screamed this line over and over at Heidi. Ah, good times.


5. The Naming of Justin-Bobby
Another wonderful moment from season three came unexpectedly when Lauren’s new roommate, Audrina Patridge, brought her new boyfriend, Justin, home to meet Lauren and her friend Lo. The two friends were unsure of what to call Justin, so they combined his name and nickname together to form Justin-Bobby and the name stuck. P.S. Justin-Bobby, wherever he is today, is probably still salty about this.

6. “I Want to Forgive You and I Want to Forget You”
Seriously, where did Lauren come up with these great lines? Did she have a book stashed away filled with ominous quotes? Lauren and Heidi had another public confrontation about the sex tape rumors and decided to hash things out privately. Spoiler alert: it went horribly and Lauren finally delivered this ultimatum, shutting the door on a possible reconciliation with Heidi FOR NOW.


7. The Black Mascara Tear
Who could possibly forget this moment from season four? (To be fair, season four was a total snooze, so don’t worry about it.) Anywho, Audrina and Lauren’s friendship was torpedoing quickly, partly because of them moving in with Lo and Audrina feeling like a third wheel. Lauren and Audrina had a heart-to-heart that went awry and the world was gifted with the infamous single black mascara tear that every basic white girl (including me) has gifed. Thanks, Laur.


8. Kristin Declares War
With Lauren out as Queen Bee by mid-season five, Kristin was left to pick up the crown and carry the show forward. (Which is odd because they have been mortal enemies since the get-go, but I digress.) When Kristin first met the cast, things went to shit pretty much immediately. To summarize: Kristin said “it’s on bitch” like a bizillion times and was physically held back. Good to see you hadn’t changed since high school, Kristin!

9. The End
After over 100 episodes and six seasons, it was time to say goodbye to The Hills. Kristin was headed off to Europe to “find herself” and the rest of the cast seemed to be taking steps forward in their own right. OR WERE THEY? MTV threw in a little twist and had a Hollywood backdrop shown at the very end to confuse us all. You sly foxes, you.


So, I laid out my most memorable moments from the show, what are yours? Share below!


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