The Beauty of Being Blake Lively

As I sit on my couch watching Blake Lively effortlessly entertain Jimmy Fallon and his audience with a story about her pregnancy, (she recently announced she’s expecting baby no. 2 with my dream husband, Ryan Reynolds) I wonder, what has she really done to get here? I pose that question to myself and to you, my readers, keeping in mind this has nothing to do with Lively as a person and everything to do with her acting skills (or lack there of, depending on your opinion.)

giphy (1)
Blake Lively being adorbs on Fallon Tonight
Now, before anyone jumps in and says that I am criticizing Lively, know this: I adore Blake Lively, she is an actual goddess. I have followed her career ever since she played It Girl Serena Van der Woodsen on CW’s Gossip Girl.  Even though Lively played the main character, the show was always dominated by her costar, Leighton Meester, who played Blair Waldorf. In 2014, after Gossip Girl completed its five year run, Lively confessed to Vogue that her heart just wasn’t in the successful dramedy. “So, you’re really not acting anymore,” she said. “You’re reciting. I could’ve fought harder and made Gossip Girl something different, but I needed to have a life, you know?”

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively a.k.a. Serena and Blair.
In between seasons of Gossip Girl, Lively took other acting gigs, including playing a prostitute in Ben Affleck’s The Town. For me, this is hands down Lively’s best work. The Hollywood Reporter agrees, saying Lively “fully embraces the role.” Following her role on The Town, Lively seemed to dive headfirst into less…how do you say…good movies?

After The Town, Lively went on to star in many films including, The Green Lantern, Savages, Hick and more recently, The Shallows. All of these movies have received some less than positive reviews, many targeting Lively as being the reason behind their failure. You would think this would derail an actress’ career, but not Lively, she remains unscathed in the eyes of the public and Hollywood alike.

Blake Lively in The Shallows. Photo cred: Cosmo
Why is that? Is it because we are so entranced by her beauty that we overlook her less than fantastic acting skills? Or does it have to do with her marriage to Ryan Reynolds, which is the very definition of #relationshipgoals? Perhaps MTV put it best when they said, “She [Lively] is Jennifer Aniston without the sarcasm, Cameron Diaz without the goofiness, Gywenth Paltrow without the snobbiness, Reese Witherspoon without the ambition.” Whatever it is, keep doing you Blake. You know you love me xoxo.

Hair. Goals.

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