Stana Katic: Another Victim of TV’s “Disposable Spring”

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you guys that Stana Katic, a.k.a badass Captain Kate Beckett is not returning for season nine of Castle. Also leaving is Tamala Jones, who plays medical examiner Lanie Parish on the show. *Ugly cries* Okay, so, everyone probably knows about this, if they watch Castle or have been alive since  TV Guide first broke the news on April 18th. REGARDLESS, Katic and Jones have fallen victims to what Variety calls “television’s ‘disposable spring’.”

It’s okay Stana, I gotchu girl.
Unfortunately, women like Katic, are the primary targets of this onslaught of this killing off, being written out, or in Kelly Ripa’s case, completely blindsided trend on television. However, I am merely going to focus on Katic because she is the linchpin that started this COMPLETELY SOLVABLE crisis that is plaguing television.

Now, it’s no secret that over the past few years Castle has seen a decline in ratings. Whatever. It happens in any show that has been on longer than five seasons. (Except if you’re Grey’s Anatomy, but I don’t know what kind of witchcraft Shonda Rhimes does to keep the ratings so high.) So, instead of ABC looking for avenues in which Katic could remain on the show, the Hollywood Reporter says that she was let go “to reduce costs.”


Seriously?! You fired one half of the Castle-Beckett love story to “reduce costs?” SURE YOU DID, ABC. After Katics’s exit, Entertainment Tonight reported that another possible reason she was let go was because there was tension behind-the-scenes with Nathan Fillion, who plays Richard Castle, the titular character. Apparently, it got so bad that Katic and Fillion were ordered to attend “couples therapy” in order to save their on-screen relationship. Of course, neither side of the aisle has commented on the tension, but this raises a question: If the rumors are true, why is Katic being punished for this? Why isn’t Fillion?

As upsetting as Katic’s departure is, it is part of something bigger. Buzzfeed says this points to the disrespectful way Hollywood treats women, especially one like Katic, who has spent eight years on a show and has developed a solid fan base. If they are willing to toss her aside so easily, what does that say for other women in television, or Hollywood in general?

#IStandWithStana, do you?

Update: After eight seasons, ABC has canceled Castle. We did it guys!

*sends all the air kisses back*

11 thoughts on “Stana Katic: Another Victim of TV’s “Disposable Spring”

  1. Thank You for your comments. Very well written. I’m furious with ABC for their treatment of Stana and Tamala. Kate Beckett is as synonymous with Castle as Rick is. I will not watch season 9 without her. If they kill Kate off, I will not watch any episode again. #IStandwithStana


  2. please help us to #SaveCaskett and get the happy ending Castle and Beckett deserver. Follow this link to find out more

    Also let ABC know how disappointed with this decision.

    In US Call 818-460-7477 press 1 2 2 then 226 for #Castle

    International Dial 001-818-460-7477. Press 1+2+2 & 226 for #Castle and leave message.


    Address to Write:

    Attn: Channing Dungey
    Disney ABC Domestic Television
    500 S Buena Vista St
    Burbank CA 91521


  3. I realize this has been happening(women treated badly)forever..but since ABC hired the new woman to run their company,that’s when it seems she favors the men stars…Stana Katic is a 1st class actress whom just got dumped on.Yes,why couldn’t Fillion have been let go if money seems to be the issue? Stana has extremely loyal&very giving fans.The show can be awesome.Like Marlowe&Miller designed it to be.Hey Ms.ABC,find the resources,apologize to Mrs.Katic,&re-hire her back to Castle…If you cannot be the better person, then cancel Castle all together ….I want my Stana back on Castle.There are many thousands that are campaigning to get one of those two done to keep the integrity of this show we’ve loved for 8 seasons…I’m not watching any Castle now because my heart is completely broken.But anything Stana does or is in, I will watch& back her 110%!

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    1. Sorry I have Watch Castle from the first show wouldn’t miss it sorry but I will no longer be watching it with the love story between the two and the intrigue was what kept me watching plus there banter back-and-forth it was my must see next to Grays Anatomy i’m going to miss watching it please keep hers so I will continue watching it i’m going to miss watching it please keep hers so I will continue watching it and Tamala Jones they all make the show work


  4. Io non credo al licenziamento e che dietro le quinte non andavano d’accordo se così fosse la signora Katia e il signorili on non sono degni di stima..sono delle stupidaggine che vengano a dire la verità loro due finire così è penoso


  5. I have watched Castle from day one and Stana’s Kate Beckett has become the heart and of the soul of this show. It has always been about the love story, that amazing chemistry, the fairytale story of everlasting love. Stana is as important to the story as Nathan, one without the cannot stand! What ABC did to Stana and Tamala is so very wrong especially to the person who is 50% of the principal show leads. This trend of getting rid of the female lead is just not acceptable, not in this day and age. I won’t be watching a Season 9 without Stana, it would just be to painful.


  6. I agree with everything here. However, I’m a slightly older fan so I’m going to put my views down here.
    So we all know the rumours and the “sources” and the ‘cop-outs’ (apologies for the pun) that are circling about Castle and reasons for Beckett’s forthcoming exit.
    Here are my thoughts:
    The show Castle was an addiction for me, I’m 40 years old people and I was truly obsessed with the show. Notice the word I used twice here… WAS!!
    I have great respect for the entire crew and ‘most’ of the cast for working their asses off for 8 years on the show.
    Things between Stana and Nathan began beautifully, their on screen chemistry was truly the best on screen partnership around. I didn’t care about their off screen relationship because their on screen acting was so damn good, I had no reason to doubt it.
    Things for me turned “off” as early as 2012. The paley event that year they didn’t seem so into it, no chemistry or joking between them. (Could be influenced by tiredness, true) The following year is when sudden promos ended, no interviews together, no mentioning or pics from set of them together. Who can forget 2013 paley event when they sat APART!! Considering they are the stars of the show that was the biggest eye opener for me. Fans tuned in to that event to see what they wanted to be, another “comic con 2010” which to be honest is the last time they did appear together and seemed happy about it, nothing fake or forced. Now being of an older age than perhaps many fans of the show, I chose to ignore their off screen certainty of a feud as the show was still fantastic and their scenes were still “magic”.
    Then season 6 of castle is when things for me ended the famous Caskett chemistry.
    Thanks to some remarkable acting on both N&S side there were still glimpses of chemistry which perhaps fooled the casual viewer, but not me, and many others it seemed as ratings started to drop.
    Season 6 finale was ridiculous and what to me seemed obvious the writers were being led by the network or ‘other’ means. The start of season 7? Well, that was where the show lost me! The two episodes of Castle going missing, then loss of memory because even the writers couldn’t think of a good reason for it!! Then after all that the “wedding” episode happens just a handful of episodes later anyway so what was the point!??
    I don’t think I’ve re-watched an episode of Castle since season 5 for reasons linking to their chemistry it’s only been the Beckett focused episodes that have managed to capture me enough to re-watch but they usually involved her being a rogue or captive which lets be honest, Stana acts her ass off in, it was never Caskett storylines.
    Then lots of photoshopped pics of them together started? Again proving the rumours were not rumours but involved some truth that they just don’t like each other, they fell out… Whose fault it was, was never overly obvious so the rumours there are still unfounded and tbh not my business. However, my opinion? On Support for one another, their co-star despite the feud – whether it be professional or genuine has come from only one side of the couple for at least 3 years. Happy birthdays, RT of the others tweets, RT’s that are included for votes towards People’s Choice Awards, all came from Stana.
    End of season 7, best ending to the show we could ever ask for. Why? Because the people that care and had invested themselves in the Caskett relationship wrote it. Andrew Marlowe, the creator of the show then ups and leaves the show. At the time it seems was just a normal career decision to write other shows like a (shonda) but hang on. Andrew Marlowe left in April 2015 and has only just started writing nearly a year later? Let’s be serious, Andrew knew the relationship between Nathan and Stana had got to the point that it was affecting the show and the famous chemistry had ended. If it is obvious to millions of viewers it’s blatantly going to be noticed by the creator of the show. Perhaps contracts were agreed with one half at that point and had clauses in them that Andrew knew would ruin the show. But the network wanted to continue anyway, wanted to squeeze more money out of a show that to that point had still got consistent ratings. So Andrew and his wonderful writing partner and wife Terri decide to leave, and leave a show that was their creation, on a high, how heartbreaking that must have been. Note: Andrew Marlowe unfollowed Nathan on Twitter at roughly the same time.
    Season 8 starts…. The shear lack of screen time between Castle and Beckett proved to be the biggest talking point and extremely negative points that were raised after each and every episode aired. To the point where people would time their screen time together as it was so short!
    The writers and new show runners were getting all the blame and abuse, and tbh was at that time well deserved (or so we thought) because we knew no different. Now it’s clear they had to write around Nathan and Stana’s problems and reduce their scenes to just ‘loft’ or ‘precinct’ to make their days filming together minimal. Of course the writers and show runners couldn’t respond to our screams because of the dark kept secret that had to be hidden.
    So they put up with all the abuse and the millions of lost viewers and just covered it up and carried on. Huge respect to them for that.
    ABC (and writers) notice the drop in viewers (obviously) and try and resolve it by putting them back together to all of the fandom’s relief.
    To only find that the screen time between them does not increase at all but is just filled with a lot of forced acting and fluffy and blatantly short scenes of them “trying” to pull off the once magical chemistry proves more rumours were not just rumours.
    Off point slightly – They are actors, who cares if they detest each other, act your ass off because it’s your job to make the show you are working on WORK!!
    So now we come to April 18th 2016…
    ABC choose not to renew Stana Katic’s contract. I’ll be honest here, I’m pissed at ABC for choosing to release this way too early for one so it ruins the end of the season and to me this was only done to help make the decision to renew the show for them, test the waters, so to speak! There I said it, they released the news knowing it would cause a fandom breakdown, but I don’t think they realised to the extent it would be, they underestimated the character and the importance and love the fans have for Kate Beckett. So because of the furious reaction of the fans of the show, they must choose to cancel. To me, there is no other solution.
    Just my 2 cents worth…


    1. Your 2cents was right on target. I am also an older obsessed viewer,70 .watching since day one,have all the DVD’s and Nikki Heat books,my den is my Castle cave. In 2012 Stana and Nathan ‘s off set relationship ended. They dated 2009 -2012 , not widely known.That was the First change , on screen their relationship continued then she got married, that was the final nail in the caskett. If season 9 I will boycott ABC Mon. 10 pm. Check Stana out on UTube For Lovers Only, ske is great.


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