Four Reasons Why 2015 Was THE Year For Women in Television


Sorry, I always get a little too excited when I get the opportunity to quote Queen Bey. I chose this anthem because last year was an amazing year for women in television, according to Bustle. Let’s see why this is true, shall we?

1. African American Women Are Finally Being Represented


When Viola Davis won an Emmy for How To Get Away With Murder in 2015, it marked the first time an African American actress has been awarded that category. In addition to Davis, three other African American women were nominated for Emmys and as takepart points out, those were just the ones that were recognized!


2. Women Over 40 Are More Prevalent on the Small Screen


Forty is no longer the cut-off for women in television. Women like House of Cards’ Robin Wright, The Good Wife’s Juliana Marguiles and Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo are all over 40 and getting their fair share of air time. We are moving away from the mere 17 percent of women over 40 being given roles on film. (Yay!)


3.  More TV Shows Feature Female Protagonists


I realize that not every show has to have a juicy female star because than that would be sexist. However, shows like Scandal, Orange is the New Black and Jane the Virgin feature a myriad of females’ at the helm. And they aren’t just playing wives and mothers anymore, their roles are more dimensional as ever.

4. Directors, Writers and Producers Are No Longer Predominately Men

If it wasn’t for people like Shonda Rhimes, we wouldn’t have #TGIT on ABC (and I wouldn’t have an excuse to sit on my ass for three hours sipping red wine.) More women are stepping behind the camera now to tell stories that relate to women. Although the statistic of women creating shows is 23 percent according to a Boxed In report, we are making strides to make sure Hollywood’s no longer an All Boys Club.


SOME PEOPLE, a.k.a IndieWire, have pointed out that 2015 does not signify a change in women for television. Now, there may not have been monumental success happening last year, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. So for now, I’m still humming Beyonce to myself and cheering on my gender. Do you think 2015 was a good or bad year for women in television?  Leave a comment below!






3 thoughts on “Four Reasons Why 2015 Was THE Year For Women in Television

  1. One of my favorite actresses right now is Taraji Henson, she played a great role in Person of Interest and she is doing a phenomenal job in Empire! Can’t wait to see if any awards are in her future!


  2. I agree…let’s not forget Claire (Caitriona Balfe) of Outlander. She navigates the male centric culture in the 18th century Scottish highlands like the multi-dimensional boss that she is! Love the character and the way she takes charge of her world.


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