Claire Underwood is Not a Role Model, but I Love Her Anyway

House of Cards’ Claire Underwood is not someone that I should idolize. I do not want my daughter to grow up and be like her nor do I want friends like her, but that doesn’t stop me from loving her. Played to perfection by Robin Wright, Claire is depicted as a Lady Macbeth to her husband Frank’s (Kevin Spacey) Richard III. She is as cold, ruthless and pragmatic as her husband. As I said, Claire Underwood is not a role model, but that doesn’t prevent me from rooting for her anyway.

(Spoilers ahead, duh)

Before you roll your eyes at me for saying that I love Claire, just hear me out. I don’t love her because despite all the bad things she has done, like threatening the life of an unborn child, I believe she is a good person deep down. No. Absolutely not. I am well aware of the fact that she is a horrible person. The reason I love Claire is because she is not afraid to fight for herself.


Claire is a strong independent woman who doesn’t let anyone, even Frank, tell her what to do. And while I am not advocating Claire’s many sins, one of which is complicity to murder, all I am saying is that Claire looks out for numero uno and THAT’S OKAY. When her husband grabbed her by the throat and yelled in her face, Claire responded by leaving him the next morning instead of going with him to New Hampshire like he wanted. Earlier that season, Frank said, “I never should have made you ambassador,” Claire shot back with, “I never should have made you president.” You can bet I cheered Claire on with my pom-poms for shutting down her husband.


I am so tired of people saying that female characters have to be sympathetic or likable. NO THEY DON’T. Why do male characters get a free pass? Frank gets to murder two people and people hate Claire because of some other irrelevant reason like her not wanting children? OK AMERICA, I SEE YOU. Claire doesn’t ask for any sympathy and she could care less if you like her. She is well aware of everything she has done and keeps on being Claire, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. #TeamClaire




3 thoughts on “Claire Underwood is Not a Role Model, but I Love Her Anyway

  1. I love Claire too! You’re absolutely right, she’s technically an awful person. However, she is also intelligent, cunning, ambitious, and strong amongst other things. While I don’t aspire to be Claire, I do find myself wishing I was more like her when it comes to the ability to command a room or get things done. She doesn’t need to be “likable” for me to love her. March 4th can’t come soon enough!

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